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   An NDA is an important legal instrument that is designed to protect all parties involved in a business relationship where disclosure of Intellectual Properties may be involved as a matter of doing business. There are generally three (3) types of NDA's designed to cover these business relationships. These are:

      -Receive Only
      -Disclosure Only

   The NDA agreement needs to become the document that controls how all parties involved in any "disclosure event" (under the agreement) will perform their respective business activities in the presence of Intellectual Properties of the other participant(s). This document must be a signed document, authorized by Officers of the respective participating companies, before any business activities that involve sensitive technology materials begin.

   Although the advice provided here does NOT constitute formal legal counsel, we can provide you with general information that may be helpful to you as you review your legal options. Please consult your attorney on all matters requiring legal representation.

If you're looking for a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) which you can use to protect yourself in a business relationship, this page provides important information and gives you the ability to:

Purchase (and securely download) a standard NDA prepared by
experienced intellectual property attorneys, or

Talk with an attorney at an affordable rate to customize an NDA
for your specific business requirements.

   Nondisclosure agreements are critical to protect your trade secrets and other sensitive business information. A simple NDA prepared now by an experienced attorney can save you from expensive litigation down the road. Typically, an NDA requires only light customization to meet your specific requirements; Michael J. Lightfoot, P.C. specializes in providing customized NDA's at very affordable rates. Simply use the contact us link at the top of this page to contact our firm and explain your requirements.

Our Nondisclosure Agreement Services

Click HERE to purchase a standard nondisclosure agreement ($149 US) with a major credit card.

   After completing a short questionnaire (which will take approximately 10 minutes of your time), we will securely download the information and send you an NDA prepared by our legal staff (via al secure link sent to the email address identified in your Order.)

      Or talk with an attorney to create a customized nondisclosure agreement.

   Please consult with qualified legal counsel before you enter into any of these transactions, or contact us, and allow us to work with you to choose the best method of proceeding, especially since one choice of protection may forever preclude another.